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Mobile App Development Across Devices

Adobe AIR, a component of the Adobe Flex Platform, enables developers to deliver a consistent looking mobile application across multiple devices and platforms using a single code base.  Developers no longer have to decide which native development SDK will they need to invest their time and effort in – whether iOS and Objective-C or Android and Java.  AIR mobile apps can be developed writing ActionScript code, a language similar to Java, using Adobe’s Flex Builder, an Eclipse based IDE or by downloading the free Adobe AIR SDK.  Besides cross device mobile apps, the Adobe AIR development framework also enables developers the ability to not only deliver consistent cross browser Rich Internet Applications (RIA) but deploy cross platform desktop applications running either OSX, Windows or Linux.  Adobe AIR mobile apps can easily be uploaded to the Apple Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World, Amazon AppStore or Adobe Marketplace for distribution.

Note that earlier this month there were two key releases provided by Adobe, Adobe Flex Builder version 4.5.1 : now supports automatically packaging the application to Android, iOS and Blackberry Playbook; and Adobe AIR version 2.7 : which provides Blackberry Playbook support and includes enhanced iOS performance rendering and debugging workflow.

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